5th International Conference on New Trends in Management, Business and Economics

5th International Conference on New Trends in Management, Business and Economics
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It can be said without a doubt that there have been tremendous advancements in the research fields of management, business, and economics. These new trends and developments can contribute greatly to transforming these industries. As such, a global platform is required where this information can be shared efficiently and without any geographical hindrances. This is where ICNBME comes in. Get educated on the latest improvements and methodologies in these fields while immersing in interactive learning and efficient information exchange methods.

Join us at our biggest management conference yet! In the past, we have had a markedly versatile and international audience pool and we hope to see more of it at this year’s conference as well! Mingle and interact with a unique mix of people, engage in intriguing discussions and conversations, and also obtain interesting insights and viewpoints!

This management conference will also be made up of a large number of academic and industry professionals like researchers, scholars, university faculty, students, scientists, members of local or international non-profits and government organizations, business and economics educators, trainers, analysts, and management industry professionals. Take advantage of this notable forum and form networks that would be handy in the future. Additionally, you can showcase your work, get featured in indexed journals, and so much more!



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