Future Materials 2024 is scheduled for October 21- 25, 2024, in Athens, Greece and it will provide an international platform to discuss emerging trends and advancement in the research and development of Future Materials.

Future Materials 2024 will feature talks on new materials and research directions, nanotechnology-driven solutions in materials engineering, commercialization- opportunities and challenges, and other important interdisciplinary topics. The previous four editions of the Future Materials meeting were attended by experts from both industry and academia, including the noble laureates and C-level executives.

The committee invites researchers and industry professionals working on various aspects of Materials Science and Nanotechnology to participate and contribute to the advancement of materials research and development.

Future Materials 2024 symposiums will feature talks on;

·         Future Biomaterials-Biomedical, Medicine and Other Applications

·         Materials for Energy and the Environment

·         Materials for Electronics, Optics, and Photon

·         Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

We look forward to seeing you in Athens, Greece!

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