3rd International Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health
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Coalesce Research Group is delighted to welcome all the Speakers, Delegates, Researchers, Students and Industrialists to be a part of our “3rd International Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health. It is a two-day conference going to be held from November 04 – 05, 2024, Barcelona, Spain.

The theme of the conference is “Current Research on Epidemiology and Public Health” covering a wide extent of critically vital sessions of Epidemiology and Public Health equally.

Epidemiology 2024 includes sessions on methodological breakthroughs, to address global public health issues, linked data, big data and precision screening, prevention causal thinking in epidemiology, novel research design advancements, wearable technology innovations for data collecting and measurement, as well as novel applicant recruitment and retention techniques, clinical practice based on scientific evidence, epidemics and other global health emergencies, evidence-based health policy societal equity and epidemiology, molecular and genetic epidemiology, patient and public interest in epidemiological studies and climate change.



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