Civilization faces a decisive moment; its legacy became its problem, carved by everyday life comforts. As a result, disruptive effects on all habitats, from air pollution to catastrophic natural disasters, with an impact on the comfort and safety of the whole. Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability represent one of the paths to reach a balanced answer to ensuring economic and prosperous development.

Intelligent Building Facility Management
Intelligent Building System
Advanced HVAC Systems
Advanced Energy Conversion Systems
Application of Air Pollution Modeling and Control
Architectural Acoustics and Audio Systems
Computational Methods in Building Environment Design
Energy Management in Buildings
Sustainability in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Sustainability in Energy Systems Engineering
Sustainable Building Design Technologies/Approaches
Sustainable Building Management
Energy Efficient Building Design
Green Building Certification Systems

Recyclable/Reusable Building Materials
Green/Ecological Building Materials
Durability of Building Materials
Waste Materials
Nanotechnology Materials
Cementitious/Composite/Insulation Materials
Sustainability in Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable Industrial Product Design
Urbanization and Environmental Problems
Sustainable Urban Transformation

Sustainable Urban/Rural Planning
Sustainable Real Estate Development and Management
Sustainable Facility Management
Smart/Eco Cities
Sustainable Landscape Planning
Conservation and Rehabilitation of Urban Areas
Conservation and Rehabilitation of Historical Sites and Buildings
Management of Historical Environment
Renewable Energy Sources
Environment and Human Health
Environmental Pollution Control and Auditing
Microclimate Control and Auditing
Environmental Sciences and Technologies
Environmental Information Systems
Environmental Economy
Environmental Training
Environmental Management
Environmental Law
Environmental Aspect in International Relations
Environment and Local Authorities
Waste Management



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