2024 the 6th World Symposium on Artificial Intelligence has the goal to be an annual conference for researchers, academicians and industry persons in various fields of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Systems.It will be held in Guangzhou, China during June 7-9, 2024.

Now artificial intelligence is used in each and every company where intelligence elements are embedded inside sensors, devices, machines, computers and networks. Many fields such as robotics, mechatronics, control systems, electronics, wireless, laser technology, automotive motors are progressing fast with such an intelligence upgrade. The conference organizers aim to gather the attention and contribution from researchers, academicians, and scientists from various fields of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Systems community to create an integrated approach towards global exchange of information on technological advances, scientific innovations, and the effectiveness of various regulatory programs towards artificial Intelligence and computer systems.

We hope that this conference will attract a large number of Delegates from all over the world contributing to very high quality technical sessions. It also aims to:

– provide early career scientists with an inspiring event allowing them to connect to relevant experts in related fields.
– provide an exciting venue for researchers to network and establish national and international collaborations;
– bring together leading experts from all relevant scientific domains to advance the understanding of Artificial Intelligence.



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