After the successes of ICCAE 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand), ICCAE 2010 (Singapore), ICCAE 2011 (Chongqing, China), ICCAE 2012 (Mumbai, India), ICCAE 2013 (Bruxelles, Belgium), ICCAE 2014 (Melbourne, Australia), ICCAE 2015 (Bali, Indonesia), ICCAE 2016 (Melbourne, Australia), ICCAE 2017 (Sydney, Australia), ICCAE 2018 (Brisbane, Australia), ICCAE 2019 (Perth, Australia), ICCAE 2020 (Sydney, Australia), ICCAE 2021 (virtual conference), 2022 the 14th International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE 2022) is going to take place at Brisbane, Australia during March 25-27, 2022.
ICCAE 2022 is sponsored by Beijing Institute of Technology, China and Beihang University, China, hosted by Macquarie University, Australia and Beijing Institute of Control Robots and Intelligent Technology. It will offer an ideal platform for presentation, discussion, criticism and exchange of innovative ideas and current challenges in the field of computer and automation engineering. ICCAE 2022 will be held together with its workshop “ICVARS 2022”.



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