We are glad to welcome you at our new destination at London, UK on November 23-24, 2023 for our upcoming Event on 10th International Conference on Surgery & Anesthesia organized by EuroScicon.

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The ICSA 2023 has turned in to a premier forum to network, learn and connect with experts, academicians, researchers, specialists and activists in generating a platform to discuss and spread meaningful messages, values and practices in the subject of Surgery.



·         Pediatric Surgery

·         Oncology And Surgery

·         Cardiac Surgery

·         Neuro Surgery

·         Orthopaedic Surgery

·         ENT Surgery

·         Plastic Surgery

·         Microsurgery

·         Colorectal Surgery

·         Vein Surgery

·         Bariatric Surgery

·         Urology Surgery

·         Obstetrics And Gynaecological Surgery

·         Eye Surgery

·         Laser Surgery

·         Hand Surgery

·         Craniofacial Surgery

·         Vascular Surgery

·         Outpatient Surgery

·         Gender Reassignment Surgery

·         Robotic Surgery

·         Nursing And Surgery

·         Trauma Surgery

·         Pre-Operative Care And Anaesthesiology

·         Organ Transplantation

·         General Anesthesia

·         Sedation

·         Ambulatory Anesthesia

·         Pediatric Anesthesia

·         Spinal Anesthesia & Epidural Anesthesia

·         Anesthesia Adjuncts

·         Acute Stress Response

·         Analgesia

·         Anxiolytics

·         Benefits Of Anesthesia

·         Coma

·         Dental Anesthesia

·         Narcotics

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For any queries, contact
Spandana Roy
Program Director
Surgery Conference 2023
Whatsapp +441520330005



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