Best universities in Lithuania

Best universities in Lithuania

Best universities in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country and the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Its capital, Vilnius, near Belarus’ border, is known for its medieval Old Town. It also has Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and 18th-century cathedral built on a pagan temple site. Hilltop Gediminas’ Tower, a symbol of the city and the nation, offers sweeping views. In this article we want to talk about best universities in Lithuania and Lithuania university rankings so read the entire article.

Top Lithuania universities

1. Vilnius University

The largest Lithuanian scientific institution – Vilnius University, has  deservedly earned the status of a leader in science and research. European university traditions, academic freedom and diversity of opinions, the ability to deal with new challenges in the constantly changing world, and social responsibility are the fundamental values of the University. Established in 1579, the University comprises 12 faculties, 7 institutes, 2 university hospitals, 4 interfaculty centres of study and research, the oldest library in Lithuania with a modern Science Communication and Information Centre, the Astronomical Observatory, the Botanical Garden, and the Church of St. Johns. The student body of the University includes 21,000 students. Year after year listed by QS World University Rankings among the top four per cent of the best universities in the world, Vilnius University attracts the best and most talented secondary school graduates of the country. The studies that are offered by the University are based on international-level research. Vilnius University has signed more than 130 bilateral cooperation agreements with universities in 41 countries. Under Erasmus+ programme the university has  over 800 agreements with 430 European and 55 agreements with partner country universities for the academic exchanges.

2. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) is a state higher academic school which has the rights of legal entity and acts as a public institution. The University was established by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. It is one of the largest schools of higher education in Lithuania, which strives for leading position among Baltic countries in technical and engineering education as well as the field of scientific research. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University pursues to foster highly qualified, creative and socially active specialists, who would be able to successfully adapt to both Lithuanian and foreign markets of education and labour.

3. Kaunas University of Technology

KTU is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The University provides engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts studies. The research groups working at KTU contribute to the global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of current time.

The University’s mission is to provide research-based studies at an international level; to develop and transfer knowledge and innovative technologies for sustainable development and development of innovations; to create an open creative environment which inspires talents and leaders.

Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania meets the challenges of globalization while sustaining the traditions and practices that define the University’s scholarly community since 1922. KTU enhances its international visibility and provides high quality of study and research by:

participating in international research collaborations in over 30 international science programmes,

establishing international study programmes (16 undergraduate, 24 Master’s and 19 PhD study programmes are taught in English),

collaborating with international partners and creating joint study programmes (strategic partnerships with Stanford (USA) and Aalto (Finland) universities and within European University Association (EUA), European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) and others),

encouraging the participation in international exchange and experience among student and academic communities (over 450 collaboration agreements with over 200 institutions of higher education all over the world; 5 % of international students), and

extensive mentoring in all areas (13 student societies, 20 sport clubs, Career Center, Startup Space and others). Through synergy of cutting-edge research, top quality education, strategic partnerships and interlinks with wide range of businesses and industry, KTU generates collective knowledge that opens new opportunities.

4. Vytautas Magnus University

Ranked among the TOP 800 universities in the world and following in the tradition of its 92-year-old progenitor University of Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus University is the only higher education institution in the country and one of the few in the region where a wide liberal arts education is imparted. That means the students can organize their schedule freely, minor in one field and major in another, travel abroad on international exchange and get ready for those trips by taking some of the available 30 foreign language courses which never interfere with the specialty subjects. As a reflection of global academic trends, more and more lectures (seperate courses and whole study programmes) are taught in English, many of them by professors from abroad. VMU is deeply ingrained in the culture of Kaunas, as the city enjoys the university’s Jazz Connections Festival, performances by the VMU Music Academy’s community, the first professional university theatre in Lithuania, etc. University Structure: 13 academic divisions: 10 faculties, VMU Kaunas Botanical Garden, Institute of Foreign Languages and Innovative Studies Institute 6 university centres 11 offices and six other divisions Students’ Representative Council 3 representative offices in Vilnius (Lithuania), Kharkov (Ukraine) and Washington D.C. (USA).


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