Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Online Advertising and Website Analytics

Conference2go uses third parties to display advertisements and collect and analyze data. Advertisements use persistent cookies (see definition below) to track users’ activities and aggregate their information. The persistent cookies utilized by Conference2go do not collect or store personally identifiable information. Users that opt-out of having their information collected may still have non-identifiable information collected anonymously in aggregate in order to allow for the placement of advertisements on the website and website analysis for internal purposes (e.g. estimating the traffic size to the website, the average duration of page visits, etc.).


Cookies are saved on a users’ computer or server in order to collect users’ relevant information and setting preferences. They are used to improve user experience and provide a website owner with data on user behavior.

Session cookies are temporary files. They are triggered by certain behaviors that require personalized actions, such as making a purchase. They ensure a continuity of experience. Once a browser is closed or a user logs out of their account, these cookies are automatically deleted. Session cookies are removed when a user logs off or when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are permanent files. Users can delete them via their browser settings. Conference2go uses persistent cookies in a range of scenarios, including:

  • A user’s request to save the log-in info;
  • For advertising purposes to manage the type and frequency of advertisements displayed to a user;
  • For survey or poll purposes to prevent multiple entries from the same user;
  • To store users’ preference settings;
  • To store shopping cart items

Conference2go does not use persistent cookies to store personally identifiable information outside of the user name and password. Session cookies are used for web analytics purposes to evaluate such data as website traffic, average page views, etc., where non-identifiable data is aggregated.

Users have the right to opt-out of any data collection and storage. They have the right to learn what specific information is collected by Conference2go and request its update or removal.