Rhodes Forum 2019

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Conference Detail

  • Event Date 11 October 2019
  • End Date 12 October 2019
  • Paper Submissions Deadline 11 October 2019
  • Participant Registration Deadline 27 August 2019

Conference Description

Rhodes Forum 2019
Global (dis)order: Towards dialogue-based worldviews
The 17th edition of the Rhodes Forum organized by the Dialogue of Civilizations Institute will take place on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 October.
Over the past eighteen years, the Rhodes Forum has brought together political leaders, experts, businesspeople and citizens from across the world to tackle shared global challenges. This year, the Forum tackles the tough question of stimulating a new narrative founded on values that can be cherished and shared by many. How do we go from global disorder towards dialogue-based worldviews?
This year’s Forum is organised around three areas of critical global importance:
1. Sustainable economic development
2. Global architecture and global (geo)politics
3. Digitalised lives, ethical standards, and the revival of civility
Different panels, keynotes and discussions with world-renowned experts will examine the most pressing global challenges and what solutions to them could look like. Most importantly, the Forum will strive to offer new ideas and policy recommendations to define how and where action can be taken.
Inclusive, interactive, innovative and inspiring – the Rhodes Forum is an unmissable event for those who wish to be part of the debate for our future. We would be privileged to add your voice to these important discussions. Join the dialogue.

Website: https://doc-research.org/rhodes-forum/

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