Computing Focus – International Conference


The World Wide Web, and all other Internet-related technologies have had a tremendous impact on society. Worldwide communication became nearly instantaneous, easy, affordable, and often anonymous. Everyone with internet access can search, share, and transfer information quickly than ever before.

Supported by computation and communication technologies, the internet is having a tremendous impact on society and has totally changed the notion of distance. Also, the Internet has major impact on education and entertainment. New forms of human-computer interaction will bring radical new way to empower the impact of computing on human life.

Also, the impact of computers on lifestyles has largely paralleled the impact of computing on social organisation, work, and personal communication. For example, computers coupled with telecommunications technologies enable today many people to live and work more independently and remotely than ever before.

Our goal, at Computing Focus, is to show you how you can have a better life, and stay ahead of your competition, by learning from the best researchers, and entrepreneur, who are creating new amazing technologies.

Stay on top of the game by participating at the Computing Focus Conference.


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