What to take to a conference? 10 must have.

What to take to a conference? 10 must have.

What to take to a conference? 10 must have.

As an academic conference, you are hoping to get ahead in your field So You have to take attending conferences must-haves. Besides the opportunity to learn a great deal about the latest business developments, conferences are an opportunity for Students. Meeting new can lead to incredible new opportunities for grants. In this article, we have listed all the things you should take to a conference.

List of what What to take to a conference:

Professional items


Attending conferences makes you taking any notes. Tablets and laptops are great for taking notes, but they are heavy. If they run out of juice or you’re in a standing-room-only situation, sometimes the notepad is the best way to go. And maybe you can`t charge it.

2. Back up battery

You’ll be using your phone and/or tablet a lot during the conference and maybe the electricity panel won`t be located near you. So try taking your power bank or the second battery.

3. Business style

As a conference attendee, you should style like a professional. Do not wear a casual coat or a pair of sneakers. Remember that shoes are conversation starters. And people remember your first style and impression.

4.Your Business card

At a conference, you will meet lots of people so you should exchange your contact with them. Giving new people a business card is do trendy. Have them readily available to hand out. Also, write a note on the back of each card.

5. Personal Hygiene Essentials

At a conference try your best to be glammed. Bring a small brush, some makeup, hand sanitizer, and a perfume. These are the necessary items to freshen up halfway through the day.

6. Demo Things

At a conference, you should spend time with people who don’t want to be pitched to. You can handle these materials as a gift to them to make a good impression.

7. A small bag

Take a small bag to put the cards and the notes in it. It is untidy to handle a lot of brochures and papers when talking to new people.

8. A coat

Sometimes the organizers extend the time of the conference and in the evening the weather is so cold. On the other hand, sometimes the hall becomes so chilly because the air conditioning is so powerful to refresh the air.

9. some snacks

If you are attending an international conference, sometimes the snacks at the coffee break are not your taste. So bring something like a chocolate bar or nuts to indulge.

10. Pen

It`s funny but you need a pen. Because gifted pen sometimes don`t work properly and you won’t be able to write down the notes.

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