The Importance of Open Access Publishing

The Importance of Open Access Publishing

The Importance of Open Access Publishing

The way we communicate, connect and share has changed. It has deeply impacted scientific research and academic publishing as well. Open access (OA) is a new way for academics to publish and achieve a worldwide audience. OA purpose is to make publications freely available online to all users at no cost as opposed to the traditional subscription model in which readers have access to scholarly information by paying a subscription.

Usually, Open Access publications carry less restrictive copyright and licensing barriers than printed works, for both the users and the authors. It means that anyone can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search for, and search within the information, or use it in education or in any other way within the legal agreements. This easy academic publication distribution is important for authors, readers, and funders. Authors receive a wider audience, readers can access the most recent work in the field, and funders can finance much broader works and reach a wider audience. The main benefits of open access publishing are as follows: Free availability thanks to unrestricted online access; Authors retain copyright; High quality and rigorous peer review; Rapid publication; No space constraints; Compliance with open access mandates; Citation tracking and inclusion in bibliographic databases. Open access has two main models: Gold open access – means that the article is freely accessible for everyone, immediately after publication. Copyright for the article is retained by the authors and most of the permission barriers are removed. The publication costs, known as ‘article processing charges’ are covered by authors or by their institutions. Green open access – the practice of placing a version of an author’s manuscript into a repository, making it freely accessible for everyone. Unlike Gold OA the copyright for these articles usually sits with the publisher of, or the society affiliated with, the title and there are restrictions as to how the work can be reused.

The number of authors choosing to publish open access has increased rapidly in recent years, seeing it as an opportunity to broaden the impact of their work. If you want to be one of them and you search to publish your research with an independent publisher which has well-established peer-review processes with high publishing standards, look at Diamond Scientific Publication. This publishing house has a wide range of open access options available to academics. It will give you an opportunity not only to publish your research and create a community but also you will have a greater opportunity to build upon the work of others. Because most of the articles in Diamond Scientific Publication have a Creative Commons license, you can use other people’s articles and knowledge to build something bigger. Your paper will be guaranteed to be available for anyone to read anywhere, forever. Greater visibility can result in increased readership and citations of your research. Both can help your career and funding prospects.

“The future of scholarly publishing lies in open access. Scholars in the future should give careful consideration to where they publish, since their goal should be to make the products of their research as widely available as possible, to people throughout the world. Open Humanities Press is a most welcome initiative that will help us move in this direction.”

Jonathan Culler, Cornell University

Publishing academic articles freely with permanent online access so that anyone, anywhere can read and build upon the works is one of the benefits that organizers of most conferences including the education conferences offer to participants. Attending other most anticipated events like the lifelong learning conferences is another way to enjoy the benefits of open access publication. The idea behind open access publication which is pursued by organizers of business conferences is the unlimited sharing of the presented works to an unlimited number of people interested in the business and management field who did not make it to attend the conference. So, if you are planning to attend a conference_ management conference for instance_ do not forget to submit your full paper for enjoying multiple publication benefits as well.


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