What Are The Main Sources Of Scholarly Papers?

Finding the best sources of scholarly papers is one of the most crucial steps when writing a scientific paper or an article. The credibility of the scholarly paper and authenticity of its information are indeed very significant. While there are many academic search engines available, there are some that have the most trusted resources. They provide information for a range of topics and fields, moreover, their customized way of searching allows for a more effective search.

The type of scholarly paper one might need for let’s say Biology, Natural Science or Engineering is different from Art and humanities research. For Arts and Humanities research both scholarly and non-scholarly materials have a place.  Books, conference publications, and academic journal articles are common types of scholarly materials. Some points to take into account when searching for Art and Humanities papers are that images might be a big part of scholarly materials especially for architecture, cinema, theatre, and art. There may be fewer citations to other sources, and the bibliographies may be shorter. The author may be a creative practitioner, such as an architect or a playwright. The author may be a multi-disciplinary intellectual of a transnational figure, who does not rely on the commonly acceptable scholarly tool. Materials that are time-based and get updated often, opinion based sources, journalistic sources, review of books, movies, plays, gallery, and shows are examples of non-scholarly materials for this field.

Now that we distinguish between the fields of studies, it is time to mention some of the common and credible academic search engines and sources of scholarly papers. One column illustrates the most popular educational search engines for students mostly, one column is a bit more focused on scientific and academic research purposes.

What Are The Main Sources Of Scholarly Papers?




Sources Of Scholarly Papers

Top 11 Trusted (And Free) Search Engines For Scientific and Academic Research

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