Create an Event Website: A Tutorial to Design.

Anyone who wants to signup for an event lookup for the conference website on Google. Your Event Website will promote your event individually so it must be designed carefully. Another benefit of a well-designed website is that people can find essential information on the event there; instead of calling and sending you thousands of Emails. So Do you need a professional web designer or can you do it Yourself? The answer is right down below.

conference website

The Steps to design an event website

  1. Plan your project
  2. Allocate resources and set a budget
  3. Define the website structure
  4. Website Content
  5. Promote
event website design

Plan everything

You have to know the targets for the event website design; Therefore ask yourself:

  1. How many pages does it need?
  2. Do you need registration options?
  3. How you ganna build the website? Do you wanna work with an agency or you want to download a free template?
  4. Plan the menu you want to launch for your conference website design

How long does it take to design a conference website?

On average, An agency create a website in about 12 to 16 weeks but downloading free template takes fewer time in about 6 weeks to design a useful ad custom website.

create a conference website

Set a budget

Calculate your budget, write down every single detail, you should pay for. Designing and developing a website are two different processes and each of them can be expensive. Eventually decide if you want a unique website or can you use the common templates? For instance, you can download free to cheap templates and work with freelancers and spend a total amount of 150 $ to design a conference website.

perfect budget for w conference website

Website Structure

To figure the structure out, think like s website visitor. Then, note which actions they can make in your event website?

  • Registering for the conference
  • Submitting an abstract
  • Contacting Downloading the brochures
  • Finding the Venue & etc

Remember you`ll have different visitors:

Never just focus on one group of visitors. All these people can visit your website:  sponsors, professors, business coordinators, authors, marketers, etc.

conference website budget

Work on the content

The content of your event website should be simple and clear. Therefore write a draft of the information you want to share with the visitors. Then use Headings and listing options to create user-friendly content for your potential attendees.

At last, promote it

After you are done with the previous steps, you should promote your event website to get traffic. You can use different solutions like email marketing, SEO, or using social media. Eventually, A really easy and fast way to promote your conference website is to find an event sponsor. After getting enough subscribers you can practice and go on stage; Good luck.

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