Event Checklist: What do you need to organize a conference?

Event Checklist: What do you need to organize a conference?

Event Checklist: What do you need to organize a conference?

Preparing an Event checklist makes a huge difference. Creating a customized event planning checklist keeps you on target. For instance, if you plan to launch specialized events like e learning conferences you may require to customize some of the below-mentioned details. When you are well organized your Seminar team will be so. Eventually, you manage to end the event successfully.


Event checklist: First things first

1. Event Planning Template

an Event is a simple table you can create with Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. These kinds of templates will be found online too. Nowadays the Templates are on mobile applications too. 

Now What?

After you found your Template, fill your to-do list:

  • The event Timeline
  • Tasks
  • Schedule
  • Deadlines

2. Event important Information

To create an Event checklist, you need to write down the event elements.

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Type of event
  • Event goal
  • Audience

Make each of these things a to-do item on your Event checklist. then follow them up.


3. Event budget 

Make a track on the event budget checklist about the costs of the conference items. such as catering, décor, and rentals. 

  • Researching costs of rentals
  • Contacting vendors for quotes
  • Negotiating discounts with vendors
  • Paying deposits

Academic Event Checklist: Details

4. The event design

The program of an event tells a lot about your goals.Your guests remember the event really clear. It is what you want your guests to remember the most. On the event checklist, consider these details: 

  • Program agenda
  • The program timeline
  • Vendors or entertainers
  • Layout of the space
  • Event Theme

5. The decor

To hold a successful event you should think about the details of the decor in the event checklist. Be creative. Each of your event attendees can promote your next conferences.

  • Florals 
  • Tablecloths
  • Accent pieces
  • Lightings
  • The smell of the environment
  • Food and Snacks
  • Photo stands
  • Custom Logos

6. Your Brand

To impress your guest with your Brand you should emphasize the details. Ask about VIP rooms for the meetings. On the Event checklist, put a keynote speaker. this specialist can lighten your events. Put your branding details in the space of the venue:

  • Photo booths
  • Guest engagement stations
  • Relaxation areas
  • Big picture

7. Marketing plan

As an event organizer, you should have a clear marketing plan. This will help you to have the maximum number of attendees. You can use these tools:

  • Social media posts
  • Event emails
  • Online Advertisement
  • Advertising in Universities

At the end

when you have a strategy for any academic conference you should have an event checklist. All the details we mentioned in this article, should be checked before promoting the event. Eventually, there are some unexpected items that can surprise you. So you should be prepared for all of your guests to experience a wonderful event.

Create a checklist for an upcoming management conference to understand the steps in practice.

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