How to find a conference sponsor? TIPS for new speakers

Planning a scientific speech is a difficult path but finding strong sponsors for Academic Conference, is a nightmare! If you are a beginner at giving speeches and you want to grow your brand, you`ll need professionals to help you sell your conference. The first step to find sponsors for a conference is to define the values of your brand, company, or your academic level. Then decide about your target attendees; What are they would be interested in. Create a list of this information, then send the proposal to the sponsors. Hard work? Feeling dizzy enough? please don`t; Follow our guide in Conference2go, to completely learn about finding conference Sponsors.

What does a Conference Sponsor do for me?

What does a Sponsor do for me?

Forget about the classic deals on sponsorship; like hanging banners or designing a deck. A powerful sponsor will help you in the process of marketing strategy. Though the number of your conference registration evaluate significantly.

Conference sponsor benefits

Marketing researchers have found 90% of consumers feel positive about brands after attending a conference. While you have this target, why not ask professionals to help find your audience? Therefore let`s get the benefits of having a conference sponsor.

Recording the Statistics:

The conference sponsor helps you tracking website traffic, content engagement, registration statistics, and conversion rates.

Attendee’s preferences:

The sponsor team will measure the demographic data and audience preferences. Also, they`ll find which segment of your market prefers a particular type of event and which doesn’t.

Direct access to the target audience

All event organizers usually gather data with different kind of tools:

  • Surveys
  • Ticket sales
  • Social media activity

You can`t manage all these track by yourself single handled.

Conference sponsor benefits

Introducing your brand

Nowadays conference participants want to experience the new findings and learn about the powerful brands, with a new point of view. So an expanded sponsor helps you to reach a pool of potential quality of your market.

Professional marketing strategy

The conference sponsor helps you use the newest marketing tools. As well as Social media, website traffic, and focused content strategy. Additionally, this marketing strategy creates a positive voice for your personal brand message.

Highlighting a product or service offering

The sponsor brings you more prospective customer that will be interested in your new method, service or products.

Building your brand

To find the best audience you`ll need, the sponsors help your brand visibility. Therefore they`ll handle media coverage aside, evaluate your audience engagement by giveaways or interactive booths.

the conference sponsors help your brand visibility

Satisfied, but How Can I Find a conference sponsor

The easiest way to find sponsors for your conference is to surface the web; But which sponsor gives you all the benefits we have listed above? These tips will help you find the best sponsor for your brad or field of academic research.

Make a list

Create a list of the organizers and companies that service sponsorship for events. Then compare the packages and services deals with the same matters.

Similar conferences

Make sure the company has sponsored similar conferences before. Eventually read the comments in their website or ask the participants for their opinion. This will help you get the demonstrated interest by your conference attendees.

Contact the organizations

Email the organizers and ask them if they would consider sponsoring your conference.


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