Interactive Virtual presentation 0

Interactive virtual presentation; Top ideas for an interesting webinar

When you organize a virtual event you have to improve your audience engagement. Nowadays traveling around the world is banned due to Covid-19, all the professionals are lockdown. So you have to adapt to the Hybrid events are hot now. You can achieve the same ...
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find keynote speaker

How to hire a keynote speaker? Top TIPs.

As an event planner, you’ll no doubt already be thinking about this year’s conferences, AGMs, quarterly updates, and networking events. Selecting the right keynote speaker for your event is crucial. But if you’re not sure how to find a keynote As the main item on ...
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what to take to a conference

What to take to a conference? 10 must have.

As an academic conference, you are hoping to get ahead in your field So You have to take attending conferences must-haves. Besides the opportunity to learn a great deal about the latest business developments, conferences are an opportunity for Students. Meeting new can lead to ...
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Conference tips for nonnative speakers

Conference Presentation TIPS for non-native Students

When you want to present for some audiences, stress comes in. For some nonnative students this can be more stressful, Because they should the presentation is so different in English.  Conference presentation tips for non-native Students involves their audience expectations, they must communicate with people ...
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Benefits of academic conferences

9 great benefits of academic conferences

what is the point of academic conferences? Some people think that attending an academic conference does not have any impact on their CV; But taking part at academic events and listening to the other students, researchers, authors, scientists and professors is not wasting of time ...
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sustainable event

Event sustainability for conference organizers

Running a sustainable event is about more than having a recycling bin at the reception. Perhaps one of the very few silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic is the significant reduction of our environmental footprint. It reduced pollution by 30%. We've witnessed – some of ...
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write an abstract

How to write a conference abstract in 5 easy steps

When you write a conference abstract, think of it as a cover letter. You are applying for the position of a speaker and are using a conference abstract to "sell" your research. As an academic, we don't need to tell you how important for your ...
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how to host a virtual event

How to Host a Virtual Conference in 6 Easy Steps

Today we'll be providing some guidance on how to host a virtual conference and offer tips on the best virtual event platforms. The reality is that virtual conferences will continue to play an important role in how people learn, network, and present at events long ...
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Coronavirus time

Covid-19 is a chance to create a new model of knowledge transfer

Fundamental changes in society and business happen when unexpected events occur and new ideas become widespread. During World War II, for example, when men went to fight a war, women proved that they could do the works understood as masculine ones — and do it ...
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Diamond Scientific Publication

The Importance of Open Access Publishing

The way we communicate, connect and share has changed. It has deeply impacted scientific research and academic publishing as well. Open access (OA) is a new way for academics to publish and achieve a worldwide audience. OA purpose is to make publications freely available online ...
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Education science conference

Why ‘Innovation’ and ‘Education of Science’ Should Be One and the Same

Why ‘Innovation’ and ‘Education of Science’ Should Be One and the Same We live in a highly fast-paced world. Technologies that seemed like something straight out of a science fiction movie are now commonplace. The way we eat, travel, and even engage with each other ...
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Academic conferences

10 Excellent Reasons to Attend Academic Conferences

10 Excellent Reasons to Attend Academic Conferences As you sit in your office going through your emails, you see an invitation to attend or present at an academic conference. “I can’t. My schedule is already packed,” you may be thinking. However, before you delete that ...
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Japan university rankings

These are the best universities in Japan

Times Higher Education (THE) releases annual rankings of the best universities in the world. For three years now, in partnership with Japanese education company Benesse, THE was producing separate Japan university rankings. So, if you are thinking of applying to top schools in the beautiful ...
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