write an abstract

How to write a conference abstract in 5 easy steps

When you write a conference abstract, think of it as a cover letter. You are applying for the position of a speaker and are using a conference abstract to "sell" your research. As an academic, we don't need to tell you how important for your ...
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how to host a virtual event

How to Host a Virtual Conference in 6 Easy Steps

Today we'll be providing some guidance on how to host a virtual conference and offer tips on the best virtual event platforms. The reality is that virtual conferences will continue to play an important role in how people learn, network, and present at events long ...
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Coronavirus time

Covid-19 is a chance to create a new model of knowledge transfer

Fundamental changes in society and business happen when unexpected events occur and new ideas become widespread. During World War II, for example, when men went to fight a war, women proved that they could do the works understood as masculine ones — and do it ...
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Diamond Scientific Publication

The Importance of Open Access Publishing

The way we communicate, connect and share has changed. It has deeply impacted scientific research and academic publishing as well. Open access (OA) is a new way for academics to publish and achieve a worldwide audience. OA purpose is to make publications freely available online ...
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Education science conference

Why ‘Innovation’ and ‘Education of Science’ Should Be One and the Same

Why ‘Innovation’ and ‘Education of Science’ Should Be One and the Same We live in a highly fast-paced world. Technologies that seemed like something straight out of a science fiction movie are now commonplace. The way we eat, travel, and even engage with each other ...
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Academic conferences

10 Excellent Reasons to Attend Academic Conferences

10 Excellent Reasons to Attend Academic Conferences As you sit in your office going through your emails, you see an invitation to attend or present at an academic conference. “I can’t. My schedule is already packed,” you may be thinking. However, before you delete that ...
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Japan university rankings

These are the best universities in Japan

Times Higher Education (THE) releases annual rankings of the best universities in the world. For three years now, in partnership with Japanese education company Benesse, THE was producing separate Japan university rankings. So, if you are thinking of applying to top schools in the beautiful ...
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Best Canadian universities to do a PhD

Canada is increasingly becoming an educational destination for international students. A number of factors contribute to that. Canada is the world’s most educated country. 56.27% of adults here have earned some kind of higher education. Canada is also home to some of the best universities ...
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uk university ranking

These are the best universities in the UK

Are you considering studying in the United Kingdom? That’s a good choice. The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world. Universities of Cambridge and Oxford consistently rank in the top ten best universities in the world. However, the education landscape ...
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These Are the Top 10 Universities in the World

Are you thinking of applying to a university and want to make sure you receive your diploma from one of the most reputable schools in the world? Luckily, it is easy to identify top universities as a number of organizations analyze and rank hundreds of ...
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Best universities in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, the nation and former Soviet republic, is bounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, which span Asia and Europe. Its capital, Baku, is famed for its medieval walled Inner City. Within the Inner City lies the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a royal retreat ...
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Best universities in Slovenia

Best universities in Slovenia

Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes. On Lake Bled, a glacial lake fed by hot springs, the town of Bled contains a church-topped islet and a cliffside medieval castle. In Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, baroque facades mix ...
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Best universities in Turkey

Best universities in Turkey

Turkey is a nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Cosmopolitan Istanbul, on the Bosphorus Strait, is home to the iconic Hagia Sophia, with its soaring dome and Christian mosaics, the massive 17th-century ...
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